Coffee and your Bladder

Is your bladder ruling your life? (face palm emogi!) An over active bladder has the ability to determine; how you spend your time, where you spend you time and what you do with your time. If there is no toilet near by it may be an absolute no no for you!


There are many factors that affect frequency of urination;

Bad habits - Going 'just incase'

Hypersensitive Bladder - Interstitial cycstitis

Weak Pelvic Floor

Urinary Tract Infections

Poor Pelvic Awareness

Tight Pelvic floor

Post Partum 

And the list goes on.. But something we have not yet mentioned is coffee! And alcohol!


In a small study listed below, subjects were made to drink water or caffein, the affects of which were monitored. The findings demonstrated the ability of caffein to increase urgency and frequency prior to those who had been drinking water. So, the old tale is true, coffee makes you need to wee! 

Cutting coffee out is not an option for many coffee lovers out there.. So take note of when and where you drink coffee, choose those with a lower intensity and notice its affects.


If you are in a battle with your bladder, then maybe exclusion is what you need, for now! Keep a bladder diary for 3 days and visit a pelvic floor therapist to assess the condition of your Pelvic muscles. 


And don't listen to anyone who says 'its normal if you are a woman' and 'its part of getting old'! This is not the case and your symptoms can be treated!


Tea for breakfast ;)


With love






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