Nurture your vagina




My Name is Candice Jane Langford, welcome to "Nurture Your Vagina" I hope that you have an uplifting an empowering experience as you move through my website! I am a physiotherapist with a very special interest in Pelvic health and Wellness.


Previously known as, 'Umhlanga Physio for Women' I am excited to announce that I have decided on a name change that better suits the heart behind my business. 


As a Physiotherapist, I am based at: 

Busamed Gateway Private Hospital

Gateway Medical Centre

Suite 401

031 566 5959


'Nurture your Vagina' is run primarily through Instagram: 

The intention of the page is to empower followers through education. This platform allows me to connect you with ways in which you can work toward nurturing your body and more specifically, all that entails ‘pelvic health’. That may be through Pelvic health and wellness education, Pelvic floor physiotherapy awareness or connecting you with brands and professionals that work toward a common interest.

I discuss all things “Pee, Poo, Pleasure, Pain, Periods, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Peri and Post-Menopause! Together we will break down Taboo and Normalise conversations relating to pelvic health!

If you are looking to connect, please get in touch! I'd love to meet you!


Have a happy day!


With Love,